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Okay, no bad jokes, please. Our exclusive Bownuts have a unique purpose: use these versatile Bownuts for steel cable ends or to hook two bowstrings together. Great for making that long solo-cam string into shorter, easier to build sections. Placed properly, they also act as speed buttons.

Click on the images for detailed illustrations with annotations.

$9.95 per pair. Click the credit card to order

Tame that long string

Release Repair Kit

The Release Repair Kit is a modified electric iron designed to melt your release rope beads easily and safely as shown in the photo on the right. The same process done with a lighter or a match can be dangerously brittle and subject to breakage. Comes with (3) three foot pieces of release rope and extra washers used for heat control.

$17.95 each. Click the credit card to order

Great for shop use


Release Rope

Polyester release rope in 1.8mm bronze (great for D-loops). The 2mm rasberry, vanilla, pistachio or light blue are best suited for using on the release itself. All are best when used with the Repair Kit above.




$2.95 for 6ft length. Click the credit card to order

Extra long wear

Firing Line Trainer


A great training aid for back tension release shooters. The 25 pound draw weight simulates the holding weight of a compound bow Allowing you to practice your shot and gain holding strength at the same time.

$79.95. Click the credit card to order

Extra long wear

Patsy Bear Magnetic Release Holder
The New Mighty Magnetic version
by Ray Flordeliza

Simmer down big fella.
The Patsy Bear we're talking about holds your release right on your cable guard, so you don't have to hunt for it when it's your turn to shoot. The rubber body comes with a damper ring which can be trimmed off for more clearance. The new Mighty Magnetic version is powerful enough to hold even the heavier trigger releases.

Patsy Bear $19.95 ea.
Mighty Magnetic $24.95 ea.
Click the credit card to order

Look out for bears


Fiber Optic and Clear Tubing


High brightness fiber optic sight pin replacement material. Comes in 3 different sizes (.019", .029" and .039") and 3 different colors (red, green and yellow). Cut to 12" lengths and sold in 3 piece packages. Sizes and colors may be mixed when ordering packages. Order .042 tubing for any of the fibers. Cut to 12 " lengths



$9.95 for 3 pieces of fiber. $1.95 for 1 piece of tubing. Click the credit card to order

Brighten your day

Video Tape or CD

VHS video tape from the Sure Fire Training Kit, for those who don't need the whole kit. Can also be had as a CDROM in the Apple Quicktime 5 format. The CD can be downloaded to your hard drive, allowing instant access to any part of the video.


CD $14.95 each. VHS$9.95 Click the credit card to order

Punch free zone


Woody's Arrow Lube


Woody's Arrow Lube has come to be known as the best on the market. No need to re-do your arrows after every target. This silicon based lube lasts longer than anything we've tried and the small dauber tipped bottle take up very little room in your quiver.



$9.95 each. Click the credit card to order

It's the best!

Deet, 100%


100% DEET in a pump spray bottle. This is the end of the line in mosquito repellant, for those dreaded swarms that just won't give you a rest. Be careful though and don't put it on your face. Follow the directions on the bottle and you'll be amazed at how well it works.




$4.95 each. Click the credit card to order

Bugs be gone


Zenith Cap


Zenith Archery Products structured baseball hat in blue brushed denim with a with a tan bill.




$7.95 each. Click the credit card to order

The ZAP cap

Zenith Patch

Fully embroidered Zenith Archery Products cloth patch. Can be ironed on, but sewing it on does a better job


$2.95 each. Click the credit card to order

Patch me in please


Springs (LImited stock available)


Replacement springs for Springy Rests. These hard to find springs are wound from tough spring wire by Carl Lucas, "The Spring Man" and come in three different diameters, to handle everything from ACE's to jumbo aluminum or carbon shafts. Because of the large variety of sizes and weights, it's best to call to check on availability.



$1.95 each. Call (631) 929 3223 to order


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