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Okay, no bad jokes, please. Our exclusive Bownuts have a unique purpose: use these versatile Bownuts for steel cable ends or to hook two bowstrings together. Great for making that long solo-cam string into shorter, easier to build sections. Placed properly, they also act as speed buttons.

Click on the images for detailed illustrations with annotations.

$5 per pair.

Release Repair Kit

The Release Repair Kit is a modified electric iron designed to melt your release rope beads easily and safely as shown in the photo on the right. The same process done with a lighter or a match can be dangerously brittle and subject to breakage. Comes with (3) three foot pieces of release rope and extra washers used for heat control.

$18 each.


Release Rope

Polyester release rope in 1.8mm bronze (great for D-loops). The 2mm rasberry, vanilla, pistachio or light blue are best suited for using on the release itself. All are best when used with the Repair Kit above.




$3 for 6ft length

Fiber Optic and Clear Tubing


High brightness fiber optic sight pin replacement material. Comes in 3 different sizes (.019", .029" and .039") and 3 different colors (red, green and yellow). Cut to 12" lengths and sold in 3 piece packages. Sizes and colors may be mixed when ordering packages. Order .042 tubing for any of the fibers. Cut to 12 " lengths




$10 for 3 pieces of fiber. $2 for 1 piece of tubing

Video Tape or CD

VHS video tape from the Sure Fire Training Kit, for those who don't need the whole kit. Can also be had as a CDROM in the Apple Quicktime 5 format. The CD can be downloaded to your hard drive, allowing instant access to any part of the video.


CD $10 each. VHS $5



Deet, 100%


100% DEET in a pump spray bottle. This is the end of the line in mosquito repellant, for those dreaded swarms that just won't give you a rest. Be careful though and don't put it on your face. Follow the directions on the bottle and you'll be amazed at how well it works.





$5 each


Zenith Cap


Zenith Archery Products structured baseball hat in blue brushed denim with a with a tan bill.




$8 each

Zenith Patch

Fully embroidered Zenith Archery Products cloth patch. Can be ironed on, but sewing it on does a better job



$3 each



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